New service of certified weighing Solas VGM

solasCentral Shipping Agency Spa is pleased  to announce the new service of Certified Weighing Solas VGM (Verified Gross Mass),
We offer a quick and certified service with binary scale.
Service will be available in two options : Single weighing (Truck + empty container or truck + full container) or Multiple Weighing (Truck + empty container and Truck + full container).

Our operative programme, in case of single weighing , will send an email directly to the  customer  with the weighting ticket, in the second case the programme will send an email with empty container weight, full container weight and difference.
To reserve weighing service, please write to : : or call  02 33411.402/458
Service is performed at our own warehouse in Liscate (MI), Via Papa Giovanni XXIII,2