Receipt \ Loading Suspension of LCL IMO Cargo to Kuwait

Dear Sirs
Please find attached Circular 06/2019 KPA that Kuwait Porth Authority has just notified to all carriers/logistics operators about the handling and storage of IMO cargo.
This measure, applied with immediate effect, imposes for some specifical IMO classes the prompt pick up of cargo at container arrival and the consequence exit from the port, while for some other classes it is allowed a maximum port stay of 5 working days.

In order to protect our shippers and aware of the risk of prompt loading of full container in case of impracticability of attached rule, Central Shipping Agency will NOT accept IMO cargo destined to Kuwait from JULY 1 to AUGUST 31.

From September, when in the Gulf the temperature will decrease, it will be possible to ship again LCL IMO cargo.

At your disposal for further information you might need, I thank you and best regards.

Central Shipping Agency S.p.A.